• Not Distilled Or CO2 Extracted

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(It's an extraction method that protects Salmon oil 100% from oxidation from extraction to encapsulation. (Imported from Norway Exclusively for Looking Vibrant)

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock: If you’re deficient in these fatty acids/ DHA your brain will start to change its structure very quickly. The brain can’t function 100% if one of its vital components is missing and it only takes two weeks of Omega 3/DHA deficiency to produce one of the first negative brain signals/signs of this behavior!"

* Mercury Free (Product COA available on the left side next to the salmon photos)

* Our Salmon is digested into oil from Norwegian salmon in less than 48 hours from when the fish are caught.

Our Salmon oil does not undergo any oxidation before providing its superior shelf life protected from oxidation WITH NITROGEN PURGE. Because it is not oxidized, it also retains/contains all Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 Fatty Acids with Astaxanthin. The astaxanthin, Omega 7 and Omega 9 compounds which other fish oils lose. Unlike other fish oils, our Norwegian Slamon oil is not molecularly distilled, so it provides a product that is identical to nature.

Why You Should Consume NORWEGIAN SALMON OIL?
The University of Gothenburg Research examined 154 children who were either given the fish oil supplement Equazen or a placebo pill. Study data revealed that the children who received fish oil supplements exhibited a 64 percent improvement in overall comprehension compared with those who were given a placebo. A placebo-controlled study also found that taking even smaller doses of fish oil supplements during pregnancy results in better visual acuity in babies.

Another study shows that higher fish intake is tied to having significantly smarter infants, but these effects are canceled out when high hair mercury levels are observed. Extra Virgin Salmon Oil is the freshest and purest Salmon oil on the market, period! And with No Mercury...

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that children and women with high DHA levels in their blood cells average scores in an intelligence test. The findings suggest that long-term Omega 3 fatty acid intake (such as Salmon oil) is more effective in boosting cognitive performance.

The Dutch Study

Another study conducted by Dutch researchers also supported the claim. The controlled study gathered data on the dietary intake of 132 ALS patients prior to diagnosis as well as data from a control group of 220 healthy participants. The study further suggested that other substances like flavonols, lycopene, vitamin C, calcium among others are not associated with ALS in any way. The study also found vitamin E coupled with omega-3 could help to decrease the risk of ALS.

The highest intake of omega-3 was associated with a 50-60% reduction in the risk of ALS. Both vitamin E and omega-3 work together to improve nerve cell structure and function which offers protection from ALS symptoms.

Norwegian Salmon oil is a rich source of the omega-3 fats DHA and EPA. Consuming omega-3s from salmon oil is associated with a variety of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, aiding weight management, and Boosting Heart and Brain health. (Ref: Healthline Jun 28, 2019)

3 Omega 3 fatty acids: EPA eicosapentaenoic acid) – 850-1080 mg/day (Cod Liver Oil) DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) –1,050 mg/day (in 2 tsp Quantum Cod Liver Oil) These two essential, Omega-3 fatty acids promote cognitive and neurological health, and they prevent heart disease and cancer.

DHA influences brain cell signaling, receptor expression and function, and neurotransmitters. It stimulates neurite outgrowth and synaptic development and repair (brain plasticity). EPA thins the blood. Both regulate the expression of many genes involving antioxidant capacity and oxidative stress response, others that control cell signaling and proliferation, and genes that produce chemicals that reduce inflammation and improve blood flow through the coronary arteries and other blood vessels.

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