About Us

Our ultimate goal is to heal the world, the best way we can do that is by empowering you to learn how to heal yourself.

They told us it can't be done!

It's too costly developing real pure high-quality supplements without using Chinese ingredients, chemical stabilizers, fillers, or without adding excipients, etc. And it's too costly performing clinical trials but We did it anyway.

They told us it's impossible to price compete with big brand name supplements!

We don’t compete with any brand names. We're just setting the bar higher.
It took apex. 12 years of focus on passion dedication and 100% asset allocation developing the world's top premier supplements.
(Made in the U.S. in GMP/FDA approved facilities only.)

What have we achieved?

  1. Since our launch in 2017, we’ve developed formulas with active ingredients that help chaperone phytochemical into the intended targets/bloodstream with ample scientific evidence based on clinical trial performed by orutomedico research and other ongoing clinical trials.
  2. Rated #1 on supplementcharts.com
  3. Naturalnews.com says: “looking vibrant technology has changed the game in the supplement industry."
  4. Orutomedico research clinic of Tokyo Japan video presentation.

All our liposomes are derived from Non-GMO certified sunflower oil imported from Europe.


Nano - (symbol n) short for “nanometer” is a unit prefix meaning "one billionth". Used primarily with the metric system, this prefix denotes a factor of 10−9 or 0.000000001. It is frequently encountered in science and electronics for prefixing units of time and length.


Nanotechnology creates particles that are so small, millions of them could fit on the head of a pin. These tiny particles go right into your bloodstream to be delivered to every cell. This means that when you consume our Liposome product, you don't have to wait for your body to digest anything and wait for it to be absorbed into the small intestines. The nutrition goes right where it's needed most. Replenishing your body with daily fuel/nutrients delivered to the cell you power, endurance, recovery, faster and more effectively than any supplement on the planet.


Dr. Alec Banham: “liposomal vitamin is packaged like a bodily cell, so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers more than 90% of the nutrient directly to the bloodstream within minutes.”

You put the best gas in your vehicle, right, why would you put anything less than the best vitamins in your body!

All our products are made in cGMP/FDA approved facilities in the U.S., along with the third-party tests.
Chemicals free, undenatured, and bioavailable no pressure approach to manufacturing set us apart from all other supplement companies.

All our products are:
GMO-FreeAlcohol-FreeEDTA-FreeSoy or Talc FreeNaturally Gluten-FreeNo Fillers or Expedients
UndenaturedNo ChemicalsNo SolventsCarrageenan FreeExpedients-FreeNo Magnesium Stearate or Silicon Dioxide

Premium material sourcing

  1. Our Resveratrol is sourced from French Muscadine Grapes from South Carolina USA. (Providing 40 times the antioxidants of red grapes and 6x the resveratrol content of typical red grapes.)
  2. Cognizin® from KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD. Japan.
  3. Pycnogenol® sourced from French Marine Pine Bark Extract and imported from France.
  4. Telos95® - Sourced from the U.S. with a validated telomere support agent that supports telomere health and length essential for DNA protection. The validation is from a clinical study conducted by Life Length Laboratories, the gold standard for clinical and academic telomere research
  5. All our minerals are sourced from DimaCal /Albion® Mineral from Utah. Chelated minerals that pass into the small intestine (duodenum and jejunum sections) where absorption is much higher. (With Chemically validated (FTIR fingerprinted) Patent by Albion identifies a unique "fingerprint" for each molecule.
  6. OUR 100% EXTRA VIRGIN NORWEGIAN SALMON OIL EXTRACTED WITH NITROGEN PURGE. PURE, RAW, Not Distilled Or CO2 Extracted. (It is not an enzymatic extraction method, not pressed but still with a Nitrogen Purge. Imported from Norway Exclusively for Looking Vibrant)
  7. Our CoQ10-ZC50 is the World's first stabilized, translucent, and 100% (soluble) Zero Crystal from SGT USA. The formulation makes COQ10 more bioavailable to the body, increasing both absorption and effectiveness. (330% higher plasma area under the curve of oxidized CoQ10)
  8. Our Organic Vitamin D from Shithakee mushroom imported from Australia.
And the list goes using only the highest quality ingredients on the planet.